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The three stages.

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what episode is the one where Tina says that she'll punch her "again and again and again and again"?

It’s from the season 1 episode ‘Spaghetti Western and Meatballs’ :)

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Thanks for your great blog! Who is your favorite character and which character do you relate to most?

You’re very welcome! My answer to both questions HAS to be Tina. I love her snark, monotone voice and social awkwardness. I also love the way the show treats her; compare her to Meg from Family Guy, for example. Tina is kind of awkward and uncool and a bit of a misfit, like Meg, but she is never ridiculed by either the writers or her parents in the show. As someone who sees a little bit of themselves in Tina (as I’m sure many other people do), it’s really refreshing to have those traits be represented but not mocked. I really admire the humour on Bob’s Burgers for creating comedy based around Tina without necessarily mocking her.

Thanks for your question :)

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this show is a gift

This blog = love! And Im alittle behind what season are they on? Thank you for making this blog. Im obsessed with it!

There have been 4 seasons of the show so far. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog :) I get so many lovely messages from you guys <3

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