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Reblogging all your favourite moments from Fox's 'Bob's Burgers'.
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Watching Bob's Burgers is a happy place for me in my head :)

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Just a little shameless self promotion (in case anyone is interested):

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Here's a question for fun: You wake up one morning and decide to have some toast for breakfast. As you make it, you notice that the toaster is behaving strangely by burning the toast, eating the toast, and spitting Poppy seeds at you. You realize that the toaster is possessed by an evil spirit and try to get rid of it. Instead of leaving, the toaster changes you into a toaster as well. How would you handle this? :)

how on earth did you come up with this

Love love LOVE your blog! :) obsessed with the show and now your blog hahah!

thank you! 

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Here's a question for fun: You are sitting in your living room, waiting for a friend so you can hang out together. You get thirsty, grab a bottle of purple liquid, and drink it. Suddenly, you shrink to a very small size and fall into a bowl of salsa on the coffee table. Your friend comes in, calling for you. He/She picks up a chip, scoops up some salsa with you in it, and eats it. You are now in your friend's body. What do you do now? :)

probably die. actually i probably would have drowned in the salsa.

what a cruel death